Wednesday, October 15, 2003

Secretly-Made Videotapes Disprove "Persistent Vegetative State" Claim

Yesterday the parents of allegedly comatose Florida patient Terri Schindler-Schiavo, who is scheduled for a court-ordered slow execution by starvation and dehydration today at 2PM, released to the news media videotapes which clearly show Terri fully awake and breathing on her own, and not in a coma as her philandering husband (who stands to earn a cool mil $ upon her death) has been claiming for years.

Moreover, Terri's parents have told reporters that when told earlier this year of her impending execution, Terri "bolt[ed] upright and [tried] to get out of her chair."

The court's reaction to this breaking evidence was to immediately rescind its order, right?


In fact, not only is the court going through with its execution order, the court has threatened Terri's father, Robert Schindler, who covertly made the tapes, with arrest and prosecution if he does not immediately turn over all copies to the court.

Truly, we live in what Pope John Paul II has labeled "the Culture of Death."

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