Friday, October 17, 2003

New Age Pro-Death Activist George Felos Thinks He’s Psychic…

…among other things, according to this message board discussion among several pro-Terri advocates.

For example:

[Post 1]: On pages 181-182 of his book (Litigation As Spiritual Practice), Felos claims that merely by visualizing a plane crash during a flight he was taking back to Florida, he caused the plane to begin to crash and that God spoke to him at that moment to warn him,

"’Be careful what you think. You are more powerful than you realize'.....I was startled, humbled, and blessed by God's admonishment."

[Post 2]: Felos is the real "tin-foil-hat" nut job and people who can see the forest for the trees recognize that.

[Post 3]: …Right-to-diers who make the news, like Nancy Cruzan's father and George Felos, talk about releasing the person/soul from their body….

[Post 4]: IMO, Melone got her info on Cruzan from an email to her.
Perhaps Felos used his telepathic powers to give Melone some pointers.

[Post 5]: Too bad he can't recall and edit all those books in which he reveals his wacky thinking patterns. If his acolytes edit enough books with black magic markers, they might be able to undo some of the harm his own words caused his reputation.

It's apparent that Felos thinks he is on a "higher plane" than the rest of us. I hope Floridians have learned enough about him to know they should distance themselves from him.

[Post 6]: …George Felos, the new age lawyer, student of reincarnation, (If "Felos" means cat, does he get 9 lives?) who wants to '"free us" from our bodily chains.

[Post 7]: Isn't it strange that Felos says that the unconscious Mrs. Browning could communicate with him, but he insists that Terri can't communicate with her own family whom she's known for almost 40 years?

And last but not least:

[Post 8]: Curios.

One the one hand, it's considered a sign of insanity for someone to think they are just one person like Napoleon.

On the other hand, the opinion of someone like Felos, who thinks he is "all," is taken seriously by an American judge who has jurisdiction over the lives of incapacitated people.

BTW, does anyone know if Felos has said he can use his telepathic powers to contact the spirits of dead? He says he communicated, mind-to-mind, with that elderly lady who wanted to be "free of her body."

Of course, if he believes in re-incarnation, he has to locate the new incarnation of the previously-dead person, before he can communicate with them.

It seems the patients are running the madhouse known as the Florida court system.

An article on Felos' New Age "spirituality" and how it influences his law practice can be found HERE at the St. Petersburg Times web site. This article notes the following about a case Felos litigated in 1988:

...the case of Estelle Browning ...gained him a reputation as the person to see when you want to let someone die. Browning, of Dunedin, had written a living will in 1985, saying she did not want to be kept alive by artificial means if she ever became ill. A year later, she had a stroke. But the nursing home refused to stop feeding her because she was not technically brain dead. Her cousin and former roommate, Doris Herbert, asked Felos to take the case.

He wanted to see Browning for himself. She could not speak, but Felos says his spiritual side picked up on something. He says her soul cried out to his soul and asked, "Why am I still here?"

Browning died in 1989 of natural causes while the case was still unresolved, but the suit has had a lasting effect on the law. In 1990, the Florida Supreme Court ruled that a living will can allow caregivers to withhold food and water from an incapacitated person, even when death is not imminent.

It seems the patients are running the madhouse known as the Florida court system.

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