Wednesday, October 15, 2003

Or, How to Promote Tolerance for Yourself by Persecuting Others

It seems that the gay and lesbian community of a certain city in La-La-Land (aka California) is up in arms because one Jeff Culbreath, a devout Catholic fellow who owns a small printing business, refused to accept a job printing business cards promoting a gay and lesbian organization. Culbreath told his would-be client that he objected to taking part in the promotion a "lifestyle" which, according to the dictates of his faith and conscience, is immoral.

Rather than simply tell the fellow, "OK, then, we'll take our business elsewhere," as any reasonable adult would do, his would-be client and her komrades decided to try make his life a living Hell by pummeling him with hate e-mails, crank phone calls, and a campaign to shut down his business for being a "bigot."

In other words, it's "okay" for gays and lesbians to follow their consciences by practicing their "lifestyles," but it's not "okay" for non-gays and non-lesbians --especially if they're practicing, believing Christians-- to follow their consciences by refusing to engage in promoting those lifestyles.

Harvey Milk, meet Joe Stalin.

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