Friday, October 24, 2003

ACLU Joins Forces with Michael Schiavo

Today's South Florida Sun-Sentinal reports that,

"The American Civil Liberties Union said Thursday that it will aid Michael Schiavo in his fight against Gov. Jeb Bush and the Florida Legislature, which earlier this week took the remarkable step of passing a law to prevent the Pinellas County man from disconnecting his brain-injured wife from a feeding tube.

"For months, the ACLU resisted meddling in the dispute that has pitted a husband against his in-laws, believing that the courts were following the long-held legal right of an individual to refuse extraordinary medical measures, even if it hastens their death...."

So the ACLU also considers food and water are "extraordinary medical measures," and therefore favors execution via starvation and dehydration for innocent, helpless invalids. Of course, this is the very same ACLU which has adamantly opposed any and all forms of execution for convicted murders.

Go figure.

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