Tuesday, October 21, 2003

Florida House Passes Bill Allowing Gov. Jeb Bush to Intercede

Read all about it in the Associated Press report Florida lawmakers jump into Schiavo case to let governor step in published in today's Gainesville Sun.

It seems the Florida House, in a 68 to 32 vote, decided that because Terri left no living will, the Governor has the right to intervene on behalf of family members who opposed her husband's decision to kill her.

However, the bill still has to pass the Florida Senate, which convenes this morning, before Gov. Bush can order Terri's feeding tube to be replaced. But even if this happens --and especially if Terri dies despite all efforts to save her life-- the matter will be far from closed: Envoy Magazine writer Pete Vere, reporting from the vigil at Terri's hospice, notes that

...we need an investigation of the possible abuse [Terri] may have suffered [13 years ago at the hands of husband]. Right now, [husband] Michael Schiavo has reportedly ordered that upon her death she be cremated without an autopsy. We cannot allow this to happen.

NEWS UPDATE, 10:13 pm: According to Fox News and ABC Radio News, Terri was transferred earlier this evening to a hospital in Clearwater in which she is now receiving hydration, to be followed by nutrition. In response, "husband" Micheal Schiavo has threatened to sue not only Gov. Jeb Bush, but also any medical personnel who comply with Bush's orders to treat her.

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