Thursday, June 06, 2013

GOT FASCISM? Verizon, Obama, and the National Security Agency

"Far from providing the audacity of Hope, the Obama regime has been audacious in its contempt for legality and standards of civilisation. Fascism is not too strong an epithet." --British reader commenting on the Manchester (UK) Guardian's breaking story:

Why is it that foreign news outlets –including the liberal-to-leftist Manchester Guardian– are doing the job our own mainstream media here in the USA ought to be about; namely, investigating and exposing questionable activities within the Obama administration?

When will the American media finally wake up and scrutinize the White House's current resident with even 10% of the energy and determination they showed toward the previous one?

Had Bush administration-run agencies been found
(1) killing American terror suspects with drones and without juries;
(2) covering up the Benghazi fiasco;
(3) running the Fast and Furious gun running ops;
(4) misusing tax law to audit and intimidate their political opponents;
(5) snooping into the work and lives of scores of reporters and their families; and, now,
(6) misusing the Patriot Act and top secret (!) court orders to indiscriminately gather all the phone records and internet data of private American citizens,
both W. and a good chunk of his cabinet would've been residing in a Federal penitentiary to this very day.

And rightly so.

Apparently, the current regime does not grasp the concept of universal inalienable rights recognized and encoded by our Constitution.

They seem to think the Founders established situational "rights" open to watering down by a quasi-police state.

The top secret court order itself can be read in its entirety HERE.

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