Monday, December 03, 2012

Obama to House Republicans: "Take It or Leave It"  

From the very first hour of his victorious status quo re-election on November 6, President Obama has been urging both sides to "compromise" while at the same time repeating his demand that the House Republican majority --also victorious in the same status quo re-election-- end the Bush tax cuts for the upper 2% of taxpayers (which includes not only millionaires like himself and billionaires but also small businesses making $250K per year). 

The House GOP rejected that idea since 2009, but seem to have now finally put it on the bargaining table. All they want in return is for Obama to put entitlement spending cuts and tax reforms on the same table. Yet rather than meet the GOP at least halfway on this Obama has told Congress that he also wants $1.6 trillion in more taxes (instead of his original $800 billion "request"), especially for entitlement programs. On top of that, he wants more “stimulus” money and wants to take control of the debt ceiling limit away from Congress --in effect, to do away with it.

Mr. Obama’s definition of "compromise” seems to be an Orwellian one: Just shut up and give me everything I want.”  If he persists on this road, this would put the House GOP in adamned if we do, damned if we don’t” position:

If they cave in and give Obama the blank check he wants, and taxing-and-spending goes even higher through the roof while the economy goes down the tubes, Obama and his palace guard [aka the mainstream media] will blame the Republicans. If they stand their ground and say “no,”and  the country drives over the fiscal cliff with Obama at the wheel, Obama and his palace guard will likewise blame the Republicans.

Perhaps the House GOP’s only ways out are: 

(A) Push for enactment of the Simpson-Bowles Commission’s debt and tax reform proposals despite deep rejection by both parties in 2010; 


(B) Pass another extension of the Bush tax cuts in the House. Publicly emphasize it's "for the sake of small business and the middle class" using mass media, the Internet, and tweets --implicitly "daring" the President and the Democrat-controlled Senate to reject it.

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