Thursday, May 13, 2004

How to Respond to Islamo-Fascism

The recent mea culpa hand-wringing in the West over the abominable mistreatment of imprisoned Iraqi terrorists and insurgents by rogue American military personnel is as much a commentary on the morally weakened state of the West as it is yet another demonstration of the blindness of the West to an evil which cannot be comprised or negotiated with. Namely, the Islamo-fascist movement, which has no regard for the rule of law and order, as defined in Western civilization and most other civilizations, as it seeks to destroy everything and everyone in its path which does not meet its demented Muslim standards.

This weakness and blindness was made clear by Western responses to the videotaped murder-by-decapitation of Nick Berg --an innocent American contractor helping the Iraqis to rebuild their country-- by a group of Muslim terrorists. Even the Bush administration, which should know better, talks about "bringing" these subhuman thugs "to justice" rather than hunting them down and eradicating them as the destructive vermin they are.

The Bush administration, and the West in general, needs to revive the classical definition of "outlaw" as understood under the time-honored Catholic legal code known as the English Common Law, created by Catholic King Alfred the Great and incorporated into American jurisprudence over 200 years ago:

Under that system, anyone who deliberately placed themselves outside the law by making themselves autonomous ("self-law" or "law unto oneself") also thereby placed themselves outside the rights and protections guaranteed under that law. Hence, they could be hunted down with impunity by anyone and taken "dead or alive" with no guarantee of safe passage, much less a trial. puts it this way,

"To be declared an outlaw [under the English Common Law] was to suffer a form of civil death. The outlaw was debarred from all civilised society. No one was allowed to give him food, shelter, or any other sort of support; to do so was to commit the crime of couthutlaugh, and to be in danger of the ban yourself. A person who encountered an outlaw was allowed, and indeed encouraged, to kill them; to do so was no murder. Because the outlaw has defied civil society, that society was quit of any obligations to the outlaw; outlaws had no civil rights, could not sue in any court on any cause of action, though they were themselves personally liable."

Berg's Al Queda murderers, along with the rest of the Islamo-Fascist thugs, are clearly nothing more or less than outside the law, "outlaws" in the original sense of the word. They should be officially declared as "outlaws" and treated as such.

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