Wednesday, October 29, 2003

Caller Makes Great Suggestion; Team Felos Blows Smoke

From the transcript of Larry King's Interview with Schiavo and Felos:

KING: Aurora, Illinois, hello.

CALLER: Hi Larry. I have a question for Michael. Since he's so passionate about it being Terri's wish, when she was 25 years old, that watching a TV program, to give peace to Terri's parents and brother, why doesn't he just take a lie detector test?

And one more quick question. If they could bathe her, they could probably give her a pap smear. So he should just take a lie detector test and it would bring peace and resolution to the situation for the parents and brother.

FELOS: The ultimate lie detector has gone before 20 judges who found Mr. Schiavo to be a loving, caring husband.

KING: (UNINTELLIGIBLE) you could voluntarily take one, right?

FELOS: Sure.

KING: Would you take one?

SCHIAVO: I'll refrain from that right now.

KING: OK. This ain't a court.

SCHIAVO: It's not a court.

KING: Farmington, New Mexico, hello.

Of course, as most folks know, polygraph test results are inadmissable in court as evidence of anything. But, as King himself pointed out to Schiavo, "this ain't a court." So Schiavo should have nothing to fear about taking one, especially if he is as convinced and sincere about what he claims are Terri's wishes as he appears to be.

After all, polygraphs don't really detect lack of honesty, for psychopaths and trained undercover agents can pass them easily. Rather, they detect lack of confidence and sincerity via involuntary responses in the body.

Moreover, others who have been publicly accused of chicanery but were as confident of their positions as Schiavo seems to be have consistently and eagerly volunteered --and even begged-- to take polygraph tests, if only to generate better P-R. And isn't that at least one of the main purposes for Schiavo's increasingly frequent public appearances?

So why the reluctance on Schiavo's part to take a polygraph test? Why commit such a P-R faux paux, and on live national t.v.?

In fact, why didn't he take one on his own initiative years ago, when the Schindlers began to challenge his claim that their daughter wanted to die in her current state?

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