Wednesday, September 03, 2003

When "Christians" Borrow a Page from Al-Queda

Ten years ago, a former Presbyterian minister turned psychopath with a Messiah Complex deliberately and premeditatedly gunned down an abortionist and his bodyguard in the name of life and the God of life.

Today he sits on death row awaiting his execution in Florida. less than an hour from now.

Any sane person in the same situation who also professed Christ as his Lord and Savior would have long ago repented of his sin and expressed contrition and grief for committing such a heinous act. But not Paul Hill, who remains convinced that his cold-blooded murders of Dr. John Britton and his bodyguard were not only "moral" but even earned him Brownie Points with the Almighty: Said Hill, smiling, "I expect a great reward in heaven" and "I am looking forward to glory.'' He added, "More people should act as I have acted."

Apparently, Mr. Hill had forgotten what he learned in his Presbyterian seminary regarding the rule of law and the fact that the private individual has no biblical or other religious warrant for taking the law, including God's law, into his or her own hands. He had also forgotten, it seems, the Presbyterian doctrine of interposition first codified by John Calvin, i.e., that, except in self-defense, no Christian is permitted under God's law to take up arms against another, no even a tyrant, unless so directed by the magistrates ruling over him. Neither the Bible nor Christian Tradition knows or condones anarchy, least of all murderous anarchy, no matter the "reason."

We suspect that like the Al-Queda terrorists who crashed into the Pentagon and World Trade Center two years ago expecting to be greeted in Paradise by Allah and thousands of beautfiul young virgins for their act of "martyrdom," Mr. Hill will have a big surprise awaiting him on the other side of this life. And we seriously doubt that it'll involve either Heaven or glory.

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