Wednesday, April 02, 2003

Two Weeks and Counting, Still No Hussein

Since the war in Iraq began just a fortnight ago, the coalition forces have subdued over half of Iraq and destroyed half of its military and paramilitary leverage. During that period of day-and-night bombing and missile attacks, Saddam's key government buildings and military installations have been reduced to rubble.

Yet the Iraqi government, apparently in a near-psychotic state of denial, insists to its television and radio public that it is "winning" the war. But at no time during these past two weeks has Saddam shown his face in public to assure his followers that he is still in full control. much less to personally intimidate the Iraqi people into refraining from joining the allies against him.

The only high-profile Iraqi official these days seems to be the Minister of Information, who, when he's not issuing threats if suicide bombings against the coalition soldiers and marines, insists that Saddam is still alive and well. In our opinion, if he really was, he'd have shown his face by now.

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