Thursday, March 13, 2003

Northern Virginia's Resident Dolt Places Foot in Mouth Once More

In a Q&A session with a group of local anti-war protesters this week, liberal U.S. Congressman James Moran (D-VA) has raised the ired of the Jewish community with his looney "observation" that were it not for "Jewish influence," the Bush administration would not be set upon waging war against Iraq in the near future. His comments came as part of a response to a protester who identified himself as a Jew and asked Moran what could be done to stop the march to a second Persian Gulf war.

This is just another in a long, long line of dumb and dumber things popped off over the years by the Rep. Moran, who reminds us of something Dorothy Parker once said way back in the 1930s to a particularly air-headed New York City socialite who seemed unable to resist the temptation of making a public jackass out of herself in a similar manner:

"Madam, is there any thought in your head you've left unsaid?"

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