Monday, December 09, 2002

Refinancing Archbishop Bernard Law's Bankrupt Leadership

Apparently, in an effort to prevent the Catholic Archdiocese of Boston from having to shell out millions in monetary damages and restitution to the victims of the pedophile priests he shuffled from parish to parish, Archbishop Bernard Law may be taking the same route Enron and other mismanaged or corrupt corporations have taken in order to avoid the financial consequences of their bad judgment calls or unethical actions: File for Chapter 11 to keep what you have, and to Hell with the victims your incompetence or malfeasance created. (For more details on this newest wrinkle in Clerical Weaselism, go here: Boston Archdiocese moves closer to possible bankruptcy (CNN) and here: Law goes to Vatican for advice (The Boston Globe)

But we have a much better idea for solving the Boston Archdiocese's financial woes: Instead of resorting to bankruptcy, raise funds for any upcoming victim compensations by selling buttons, banners, bumper stickers, and other items emblazoned with the Cardinal's new slogan,

"WWJLD" ("What Would Jesus' Lawyer Do?")

No doubt they'd rake in millions.

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