Friday, December 27, 2002

UFO Cult Claims Birth of "First Human Clone"

A bio-engineering company called Clonaid, founded by a small religious group (the "Raelians") which believes humans were created by space aliens, claims to have successfully created and brought to term the first human clone --a girl named "Eve."

According to Clonaid, Eve's genetic material was taken from the skin cells of a 31-year-old American woman and implanted in one of her eggs to create an embryonic copy of the woman. In other words, claims Clonaid, Eve is the infant twin of her own mom.

Read all about it here: Group claims first cloned human born

Of course, the jury is still out about the credibility of the Raelians' claim, a claim which has not been verified and which seems dubious at best. After all, it's being made by an outfit which claims to be in regular and ongoing contact with ET and is run by "bishops" who say lame-brained things like "she was born yesterday in the country where she was born," as if "she" could've been born somewhere other than where "she" was born.

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