Tuesday, September 16, 2003

Storm Heading for Virginia, Maryland, and DC

Back in 1985, Virginia Beach-based televangelist Pat Robertson said he prayed away Hurricane Gloria, which was threatening his newly built Christian Broadcasting Network facilities there.

So where is Robertson now that we need him?
California's Recall Election is Recalled, At Least for Now

It seems the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals found a problem with the voting machines in six counties --the same machines which, albeit rather antiquated, were used to help elect Governor Gray Davis only 12 months ago.

These are punch-card machines similar to those used in Florida prior to the Gore-Bush election fiasco. Thus, apparently fearing the prospect of hanging chads, the judges decided the recall election should be post-poned until the machines' more modern replacements sometime next Spring.

But given the track record of the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals --the same folks who issued that lamebrained decision a few months ago which found the Pledge of Allegiance "unconstitutional"-- the decision may not stand once it reaches the Supreme Court, which it may very well do in the very near future.

Monday, September 15, 2003

The Washington Post Profiles Georgetown U's "Sexpert"

(Hey, ya gotta do something to keep those circulation numbers up, right?)

The "sexpert" in question is a college student who writes a "dating and sex advice" column for the student newspaper of the ostensibly Catholic Georgetown University. She seems to think of herself as a "feminist" and advocates forms of dating which end with sitting and talking rather than heading for the nearest bedroom.

So far, so good.

But she has also clearly jettisoned one of the better (and one of the central) principles of feminism which got that movement started in the first place: Namely, decrying casual sexual encounters ("hookups") with men who want the goodies but don't want the demands and requirements of a real relationship.

For example, she writes:

"It's my opinion that if you're completely realistic about what you're getting out of the situation, there's absolutely no harm in a hookup. People have needs, right? I think the problem comes when people expect a relationship to come out of it. That's the hard part."

IOW, gals, why not think and behave just like all those self-centered guys you call "jerks"?

Betty Friedan, call your therapist.